Thankful In All Things

November is that time of the year when we think about being thankful. This is natural as we celebrate Thanksgiving in this month. But 2020 has definitely been an interesting year and like most people, it can be hard to be thankful for this one crazy year. This has personally been my story. Finding things to be grateful for has been a struggle. Our lives having been turned up-side-down and are not the same they once were. So in my journey to find scripture on thankfulness I found some very interesting things.

Whether it was in the many verses on thanksgiving in Psalms, or it was from the NT in Luke or 2nd Corinthians, or Philippians, or Colossians, 1st Timothy or Hebrews; there was one similar thing. The thankfulness recorded in scripture was not from themselves. It was not from something that they had, it was not something they had attained, it was not something that they had personally done. The source of all thankfulness being centered around the Lord Almighty, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

And this got me thinking. How many times in life have we tried to respond to what is happening with gratitude? I know for me I have done gratitude journals, gratitude challenges for the month of November, writing down or sharing something I am thankful for at the dinner table for thanksgiving meal, and many other activities surrounding the Thanksgiving Holiday. But I have always been focused on things, gifts, blessings, relationships, etc. When you look at scripture, gratitude and thanksgiving given to God just because. Just for God being God. Nothing attached to it. Nothing received. Just because of who God is.

Journey alone as we take this perspective into some of the most popular thanksgiving scripture from 1 Thessalonians 5:18 and Philippians 4:6-7. You might be surprised and even more grateful this Thanksgiving season.

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