Summer of Psalms | Part 8

Pastor Chris wraps up our Summer of Psalms series with Part 8 from Psalm 141. After going through Psalms 13, 27, 37, 66, 71, 84, 95, 96, 103, 126, 139, 143 and now 141 we wrap up our 8 week summer series. This Psalm from King David at first glance looks like a similar Psalm that we have studied before. Especially our first part of our series in Psalm 13. David is calling out to God for help. Specifically protection from enemies and the evil around him. We pray similar prayer for protection, travel safety, blessings, finances, healing, help and more. But within these 10 verses there is something more.

David is praying for protection but also for sanctification. Essentially protection from himself, the enemy within. Similarly, we all have our own foe within us. We really enjoy “doing” things for God within the context of the church and outside. Consequently, we get so busy and focused on “doing” stuff for God that sometimes we forget to create space for God to “do” things within us. Do we have the foresight, like David did, to slow down  and create space to let the Holy Spirit “do” a work in each of us?

What would it look like for us to pray to God to protect us from ourself? David starting in verse 3 begin this very prayer to God. He starts with his tongue and asking God to get a guard on his lips. But he doesn’t stop there. David double downs and goes to the source, the heart. Do we pray for Jesus to “do” spiritual heart surgery on us?

David is really talking about 2 specific steps that are needed for God to “do” something within us. We first have to admit that we need help. David does this saying, “I cannot do this.” And then after admitting we need help, the first step, we have to submit to what God has for us. Submitting to God looks different for all people. Because we are all on different levels. It can happen through time in scripture, prayer, listening to the Holy Spirit, and the church family.

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