Summer of Psalms | Part 7

Pastor Chris continues our Summer of Psalms series with Part 7 from Psalm 71. This chapter of Psalms comes from the Second Book of Five within Psalms. This collection of Psalms 42-72 is written mostly by the Sons of Korah. They use a different syntax of the word of God. This is a huge shift form what has been commonly used and translated from the Hebrew word Yahweh. The word Yahweh is commonly translated as “The Eternal One,” “The Eternal,” “The One True God.” The Hebrew used in these chapters of Psalms has the same understanding as before. However, there is an added translation of “The Eternal One who is with us.” There is more of a personal character understood with the use of the version of Yahweh. Yes, God is the creator of the universe but He so deeply care of you and me.

This specific chapter of Psalms 71 contains 24 verse of the character of God. Praising Him for who He has been, who He currently is and ultimately what He can rely on God to be. All of this based upon His strong, reliable, consistent nature and personality. Right in the middle of the chapter is verse 14, “As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more.”

These 2 lines jump off the page and when looked at within the lens of the larger context, this is a profoundly strong statement. That even in the midst of everything that life will throw at us. We can and should hope in God because He has been so faithful to us! And when we have true hope in Christ, there is a new perspective that we have on life.

But the hardest thing about hope is the waiting. The tension in the middle. But this tension, which we tend to not like, is what makes the waiting and the hope worth wild. And even when we find ourself in the waiting and tension, we can still have hope. Waiting is an active verb of continuing to search of Christ and growing deeper in Him. The hope of God is not just for the past times, or the future. It is also for the middle, waiting, tension filled times.

So wherever you find yourself today, either in the middle of light tension, heavy tension or recovering from a time of hard waiting. Continue to hold on to the “Living hope” as Peter wrote in his letter to the early church. Know that this will only be for a time and when you come through, the witness that you will have for others will be even greater. Let’s create a culture of contagious hope for one another as we all wait in the midst of tensions for Christ.

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