Summer of Psalms | Part 6

Pastor Chris continues our Summer of Psalms series with Part 6 from Psalm 126. This is a unique Psalm which is apart of a grouping of Psalms known as the “Psalms of Ascent.” Theses were songs that were sung during their travel either to Jerusalem or even as they would go through the city on their way to the Temple. Sort of like a road trip mix to church.

This particular Psalm is divided into 2 parts: verses 1-3 and verses 4-6. And the first part is remembering back to the glory days. Remembering the good times that the Israelite people once experienced. We all have done this. Remembering back to when life maybe was a little simpler, or when you went off to college, when you married your spouse or even when your child was born. When there was less stress in your life or even when you were on an amazing vacation.

The Israelite people here are talking about the time when God delivered them from exile during the Babylonian Empire. For over 70 years they were scattered, taken from their homes in Israel and under the oppressive rule of Babylon. They prayed, cried out to God and dreamed of the day He would reduce them. Then around 539 BC God did just that. The Babylonian Empire fell and they were free to travel back home to Isreal and Jerusalem.

They are singing a song or remembrance of what the glorious things God had done in their life. But in part 2 is changes. Switching into a prayer for God to do it again. For God to intervene like He once did and bring back songs of Joy and laughter. Crying out to God that their tears sowed in faith would return a bountiful harvest.

How can you today sow even in the midst of tears knowing that God is going to do great things in your life. Just like He already did? Worship Him today in remembrance of what He has done. Because even in you are in a place of sorrow and tears, continue to worship trusting that God will turn those tears into songs of joy!

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