Summer of Psalms | Part 5

Diving back into Psalms in the 5th book, Pastor Chris teaches from Psalm 118. This very popular psalm is used in so many popular Christian songs as well as current and past worship songs. This psalm is unique in the fact that it was used in so many celebrations, worship services, as well as festivals in the Israelite and Jewish culture. It was shouted as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday as well as sung by the disciples at the Last Supper before heading to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was arrested. It has a very corporate tense to it but also a very personal, ownership feel as well. The psalm opens up with a invitation to join in praising God for His goodness, “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. Let Israel say: ‘His love endures forever.’ Let the house of Aaron say: ‘His love endures forever.’ Let those who fear the Lord say: ‘His love endures forever.'” (Psalm 118:1-4) God is so good and it is His nature that is good. God is better than anything that you could possess, own, buy, keep, or have. He is so beyond anything that we have ever known or experienced before. And the psalmist is saying, “God is so good! You know why? Let me tell you why!” And from that section on through verse 27, the psalmist recounts all of the times that God saved, rescued, provided, helped, promised, fulfilled, and protected. And then at the end of the chapter, the first verse is repeated again, bookending this song of praise to God for His incredible goodness! This was sung to remember, sung to praise, sung to proclaim to all those around them, the very nature, essence, true character of God Himself. What is your Psalm 118? Will we give thanks like the Israelite people did, even in the times that things aren’t so good?

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