Summer of Psalms | Part 3

Pastor Patrick takes on a less appealing and happy topic in part 3 of our Summer of Psalms. Chapter 88 of Psalms is known as a lament. A chapter of crying out to God in trouble, heartache, pain, suffering, sadness and a feeling of abandonment. A lament is far from a happy or joyful Psalm as seen in other chapters, but it is still an important chapter to take a look at. This life. This is not sugar-coated. The Sons of Korah (the original authors of this chapter and a large portion of Psalms) are telling it like it is. The imagery in Psalms 88 is one of complete loneliness, and isolation and unlike other laments doesn’t come back to a positive at the end. The last verse in chapter 88 goes like this, “You have taken from me friend and neighbor—darkness is my closest friend.” One might read this and think, they need some help! But what is truly amazing about this entire chapter is the authenticity of it. There are times in all of our lives that we just cry out to God, “THIS IS NOT GOOD!!!” “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS???” “THIS IS TOO MUCH!!!” And you know what, God wants this. He wants to hear you, we wants to know your pains, He wants you to cry out to Him! Why? Because He so desperately loves and cares for us! This is what the Psalmist is doing in this chapter. He is crying out to God, this is what a lament is all about. God is listening and God is faithful. Even in the times of laments, do not forget. Psalm 77 (another lament Psalm) reminds us that even in the times of what seems like totally loss, remember. Remember how God was faithful before and trust that He will be faithful once again! Our hope in the present of lament is based on God’s trustworthiness in the past and on God’s intent for the future! Hold one. Don’t lose hope! Rescue is coming!

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