Salt & Light | Part 3

Wrapping up our Salt and Light series with Part 3, Pastor Chris breaks down how Salt and Light are created and shown at The River Church. We know that salt must first be created in our lives before we can authentically show light to the world around us.

Salt is created in breathing in the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to shape, form, whittle, mold each and everyone of us. Transforming us into whom God created us to be. And this transformation is painstakingly slow. Really more of a crawl than anything else. And we live in a day and age when speed is of upmost priority. We want it yesterday! But our spiritual walk is not like that. And we need of two important things. First, encouragement, to keep going when we don’t even know how to take the smallest step. And the second, which no one likes, is rebuking when we start to make out own path.

These are made reality in our Sunday morning experience, small groups and accountability groups. We can have authentic community that allows us to have genuine care for one another. Knowing where our source of encouragement and even getting called out comes from. This going deeper created salt within our lives.

And then and only then, can we begin to shine out of these relationships light to the community around us. This light shines in our small groups, serving one another on Sundays. Then participating in outreach events, and naturally shining out light in our community, work places, neighborhoods and families. But we first must become salt, transformation, and having Christ work in us, before we can shine.

We will be able to shine for a little while, but without the depth in Jesus, and real transformation, that light quickly burns out or we will find ourselves utterly empty and quit shining our light.

How do you need to grow deeper and become more salty? Where do you need to shine your light today?

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