Sabbath | Part 6

Pastor Chris and Pastor Patrick wrap up our series on Sabbath with a time of Question and Response. All of your submitted and brought-up questions about Sabbath are answered live. Sabbath is something that is 100% counter cultural and something that at times is a struggle to do. And we all get that, and we all wrestle with it. Life has up running here and then over there. At times, we don’t even have time to get good sleep, even if we are forced to when we crash in exhaustion.

But there is a better way to live your life. There is a better way that God created for us to live. But it will at times take us having to say “no” to something. But is it really saying no to something rather saying yes to your health. Saying yes to space to restore in order that you can go further. Restore to full capacity to be able to full be there. Sabbath brings rest, refuel and restore to your soul.

Follow along as your questions are discussed.

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