Sabbath | Part 4

Pastor Chris continues our Sabbath series with Part 4 in taking a look at what Creation and the World around us can teach us about Sabbath. There are 2 parts when looking at Sabbath and Creation. First is what we can learn from creation itself as well as what we learn when we immerse ourself in creation.

Job tells us in chapter 12 verses 7 thru 10, “Ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish in the sea inform you. Which of all these does not know that the hand of the LORD has done this? In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.”

The Genesis account shows the intrinsic balance and ecosystem that is the world beginning when it was first created. One giant system helping each other survive and flourish in harmony and fluidity. Different and similar ecosystems helping one another. The world is deeply intricate and this shows the deep love that God has for it.

All of creation after each part was made, God reflected and said it was, “good.” But when we as humans were made, God took a step back and said, “very good.” Jesus says in Matthew, “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

Nature and creation shows us that God cares for and provides even when it is not thinking about the future. We as humankind are the only created order that worries and stresses over tomorrow. And if we are even greater than the world that God so deeply cares for and takes care of the birds, and animals, how much more will God take care of us?

But just like us, creation is also called to rest. The Israelite people were called to give the land a Sabbath from harvest on the seventh year. Letting the land itself, rest, restore and refresh by the care of God Himself. But negotiations kick in. This was probably so hard for the farmer, to look at the empty field and see nothing but loss. We struggle with the same when we try our best attempt at Sabbath.

“You don’t understand how much stuff that I need to get done! There is no way that I can take time off!” So we find substitutes to our much needed Sabbath rest. We rest at little here and a little there. But never truly taking a Sabbath rest. We have a short term perspective over the long term one that God is calling us to do.

When will you and I finally learn to Sabbath?

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