Sabbath | Part 1

Pastor Patrick kicks off our new series on Sabbath – Rest, Refuel, Restore. But what is Sabbath truly about? When hearing that word, some people have no idea what to do with it. They hear it from time to time in the church but don’t really know is it a verb, adjective, noun?

Patrick breaks down that at the core Sabbath is about time. And when walking down this path is all about discovering Sabbath sin an over-scheduled world. And during this series we are going to ask ourself 4 simple questions. First, What is Sabbath? Second, Is the Sabbath important? Third, What are we called to do? Fourth, What will we do?

Abraham Heschel says, “Inner liberty depends on being exempt from domination of things as well as from domination of people. There are many who have acquired a high degree of political and social liberation, but only a very few who are not enslaved to things. This is our constant problem—how to live with people and remain free, how to live with things and remain independent.” So many things are puling for our time, how do we take even more time and rest, refuel and restore?

When we reorient our mindset on time and God we begin to unpack what a Sabbath is truly all about. In the busyness of life we often forget God, getting caught up in everything. God doesn’t forget us, and yearns for us to be whole, to rest, to rest with Him.

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