What are the questions God is asking us?

In Acts 2 we read of the beginning of the Church, the Spirit filled all who gathered. They all began to speak.

That’s an important bit, it’s not one person speaking while everyone else listened. They all began to speak and share, as the Spirit led them.

Peter also begins to preach, not inside the room, but in the streets. People heard him in their own language.

He tells the story of God’s work, the work that was part of the Old Testament narrative and leads into the revelation of Christ.

Peter’s speech is an expression of what the church was doing and an invitation to everyone to participate in this.

They gathered before this moment awaiting the Spirits’ work and because of the Spirit’s work they gathered.

In gathering they studied the Scripture, shared with each other, prayed.

That is the expression of the earliest church.

This week, I invite you to consider this passage.  What questions does it raise for you? What is confusing?

Read through or listen to Acts 2 this week.  Pray for the Spirit to be with you in your reading or listening. Share what comes to mind.

Don’t feel like you have to say ‘the right thing’.  The more honest and open we are, the more we learn from each other.

What questions is the text asking of you? How is the text challenging you?  What should we do in light of the text?

Let’s begin a conversation that helps us all better hear the Spirit both in our sharing and in our listening.  Again, the Spirit didn’t just fill one person, the Spirit filled everyone, and everyone shared the words the Spirit gave them.

Here’s Acts 2 in text form.

Here’s Acts 2 as an audio.

And here’s what you have to say in response: