Pentecost: Come Holy Spirit Come

Pastor Seth shares on a very important but less known holiday within the Church called Pentecost. What is Pentecost? This is the day of celebration of when the Holy Spirit came upon the early church members shortly after Jesus had ascended into Heaven. We read this account in Acts chapter 2 when the church with the disciples and apostles were gathered together each from their own country with their own language. When all of a sudden a huge wind came blowing among them and then fire was on each of their heads. The even crazier part was that all of a sudden, each one knew what they were saying even though they all spoke different languages. They were pretty confused with what was happening even to the point that some who were witnesses to the event said they were drunk with too much wine. The incredible thing was they were not drunk, but they all had been filled with the Holy Spirit just as Jesus had promised them. Christ said that He had to go back to Heaven but would send a helper known as the Holy Spirit. The Disciples at the time had no idea what Jesus was talking about. This is such an important day in the history of the Church because the Holy Spirit is just a crucial part to who we are a believers. The Holy Spirit guides, directs, intervenes, protects, comforts and so many other things. Without the Holy Spirit there would be no presence of God in our lives.

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