One Word | Part 8

With Part 8 of our One Word series, Pastor Chris shares a different and unique word, “Breakfast.” Breakfast is defined as, “noun: a meal eaten in the morning, the first of the day.” I personally have always had a quite and interesting relationship with the first meal of the day. If it was up to a facebook relationship status it would be,
“it’s complicated.” There are some of you in our TRC family that are HUGE breakfast fans! You love yourself seem fresh eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes or even waffles! Others of you grab a quick protein shake or bar and you’re off for the day. Some of you, like me, will skip breakfast all together. But this is where it get complicated. I really enjoy myself a hotel breakfast spread or a classic “Mom & Pop” breakfast place. So good! But cooking it at home, I will pass.

So why this word this week? That is a great question! I have asked myself the same question of why is breakfast mentioned in the Bible? Don’t believe me? Read John 21:12, “Jesus said, ‘Breakfast is ready.'” Other translations record it this way, “Jesus said, ‘Now come and have some breakfast!'” What you are telling me that in the Bible, the word of the Lord they took the time to record and make sure that here in John’s Gospel breakfast is mentioned?

I love this whole scene here in John chapter 21. Jesus is gathering wood for the fire. Setting out the plates. Preparing the bread. All of this while his disciples are out on the water off the shore where Jesus is fishing. They had no idea that the person on the shore was Jesus. Jesus was getting ready to make breakfast for this friends on the beach that morning. I see Jesus looking out to them in the boat from time to time and just smile. He loved those guys and he had missed them. It had been several days since he had been crucified and He knew that they were struggling without Him.

They were really struggling. Not only were they overwhelmed with the grief and despair of Jesus’ death. But they were also having a horrible time fishing. Ever been there? Getting skunked on a fishing trip is for sure on the shortlist of “how to have a bad day.” The disciples had been up all night and caught nothing! Discouraged that the job they had always known to do, fishermen, was not going well. Full of frustration, physically exhausted and probably really hungry.

But Jesus knew EXACTLY what to do! When his friends were perhaps ready to give up and head in to shore. Jesus surprised them with a net full of fish! He yelled out to them, “Cast your nets on the other side of the boat.” I have always laughed at that scripture. Really dude on shore, do you not know how boats work??? Kinda all open under the boat. Not like there is a divider under the boat that the fish can’t swim all around to either side here. Come on! They probably had a good laugh, “Did you hear this guy? Mr. Shore Fisher-guy trying to tell us, seasoned, experienced, lifetime, generational, professionals anglers, how to fish!” But when you get that to point of desperation, what can it hurt, right? BAM!

At that moment, they became filled with so much joy! Not because of the nets so full of fish, that they almost sunk the boat and they could barely pull them all in, but they were filled with so much Joy because they realized who the guy on the shore truly was! IT WAS JESUS!!! They suddenly recognized their, Rabboni, their teacher, their best friend, their SAVIOR! They rushed to him and Jesus quickly took care of them. Refreshing, reviving, refueling, renourishing their bodies with food and the warmth of the fire. The best part of this story that I have always overlooked is that. Jesus does this for us too. He knows when we are experiencing an awful time. When everything is going horribly wrong. We come to Him exhausted, burnt-out, sleep-deprived, HANGRY.

And Jesus see us. He sees our depression, our Anger, our hurting, our wondering why everything is happening to us all at once. Jesus shows up. He shows up and makes us breakfast. Kinda like the donkey in Shrek, “And in the morning, I’m making waffles!” Ok so it might not literally be breakfast that Jesus makes. But He truly does show up. And have his eye on us. He is always doing something good. He’s on the beach, in the traffic, the quarantine, on the barstool, or in the waiting room. Just waiting to show us how much he cares!

He is always welcoming us to come and sit by the fire with Him and be restored. We are in a time and world right now that is looking down. Focusing on all the disappointments and frustrations around us. LOOK UP TODAY! From your anxist on the boat of life and recognize Jesus! Let Him make you breakfast today! Sit with Him for a minute and let Him care for you, provide for you, warm your heart! This meal, this conversation with Jesus….it might just turn your life around.

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