One Word | Part 6

Part 6 of our One Word series comes from Pastor Chris. 3 simple words changed the life of everyone and the world forever. He is ALIVE! These were the words that the followers of Jesus heard that very first Easter morning. After thinking all had been lost, Christ was ALIVE! After that, at that moment they heard the Good News, hundreds of questions flooded their minds, they were filled with overwhelming excitement, and a rush of hope throughout their entire bodies! If Jesus was really alive, then everything was going to be different. Everything was going to be new! Everything was going to be FRESH! This is this weeks word, Fresh.

Fresh is an adjective that means, new different, and invigorating. Fresh feels so GOOD! A breath of fresh air. A drink of fresh water. Bouquet of freshly picked flowers. Freshly washed sheets! Aren’t freshly washed bed sheets the best?!?! In addition, fresh is life giving and energizing and clean! However, the opposite of fresh is stale, old, spoiled. Just like that drawer of produce in your fridge that you forgot about? Gag! 🤢 Nobody wants that stuff. And nobody wants to live like that.

Our life right now feels stale. We can get so weary of the same old habits, dependencies, and unhealthy choices. Therefore, feeling spoiled and stale and tired. We don’t want to feel like this! Similarly, Jesus doesn’t want that kind of life for us either. Jesus wants fresh for our life! That is why on that very first Easter Jesus rose from the grave. And crushed the power of death to give us a fresh start. A new life for us to live! To be free from spoiling, free from being smelly, free from wasting our lives away and to live a life together with Christ! A life of being made clean and made new, different. Being made fresh! In addition, made free from the things in life that drain the energy and joy from our lives!

Can you imagine being one of Jesus’s followers on that morning when everything changed? You actually are one of them! Similarly, you can have your very own Easter morning with Jesus! Asking Him all of your questions, letting the excitement of your new life wash over you! You can trust Him to fill you up to overflowing with HOPE! To renew your heart to bursting with JOY!

God through Jesus has taken care of the nasty, expired, spoiled life that we once had. He has freshened up our lives. Scripture says in 2nd Corinthians 5:17-19, God put the world square with Himself through the Messiah. Giving the World a FRESH start by offering forgiveness of sins. Anyone want a FRESH start from your world right now? I know that I do! I need FRESH in my life everyday. Even more so right now! So what do we do?

Take a look inside the empty tomb!  In other words, look at Jesus. He is ALIVE! Take a big’ ole breathe of fresh air and ask HIM to make you NEW TODAY. Getting rid of that rotten sin, that yuk of a goo you call your old life. Accept the fresh new life that Jesus has given us. We might need to get a few things right with God and freshen up our lives. Some of us got some smelly spirituality going on right now. Everything in your life can be different. If you just let Christ freshen you up today!

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