Mark | Part 8

Jumping back into our Gospel of Mark series with Part 8, Pastors Lauren and Chris guide us through some great discussion questions. This section of Mark chapters 8 through 10 are really in the heart of Jesus’s ministry. It is a very intense and focused time for Christ. Jesus predicts his death 3 times while being interwoven with: healings, miracles, teachings, parables, and in the middle is this shocking event we in the church know as The Transfiguration.

The Tranfiguration was where Jesus takes some of the disciples up on a mountain and a cloud appears and Jesus starts glowing crazy bright white and God speaks from Heaven. Jesus knowing that his time is getting less and less with the disciples and with the other people who are following Him. So Jesus is continuing to teach the disciples that His mission is not one of earthly power.

However, the disciples up to this point at times have had glimpses of understanding why Jesus was here and who He was. But the majority of time we read that they are thinking of the hope of Jesus overthrowing the Roman empire and bringing their freedom. Francis chan is going to talk about this and specifically what Jesus is trying to teach them. This life of following Jesus is not about power and overthrowing the government. It is one of humility, denying ourselves, and suffering. Not really what the disciples probably had in mind.

Question #1:

  • What’s the real mission of the Christ?
  • How does this contrast with what the disciples are expecting?

Question #2:

  • What challenge does Jesus lay down before his followers and the disciples?
  • What might that look like practically?

Question #3:

  • What are James and John asking for
  • What’s Jesus’s answer?

Question #4:

  • How does Jesus’s concept of greatness contrast with the world’s view?

Takeaway Question:

  • What’s the hardest aspect of discipleship for you?
  • What presents the biggest challenge personally?

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