Mark | Part 5

Pastors Chris and Lauren continue in our series on the Gospel of Mark. Part 5 covers Mark 4:35–5:43. This is an interesting section of scripture because it is bookend with 2 accounts of people in situations going to Jesus in fear. But even in their coming to Jesus there is a lack of faith. “Jesus I need this, but I don’t think that you can do anything about it.” Then Jesus blows their minds. “Do you not have faith?” Jesus asks them.

Then in the middle Jesus encounters a possessed man and even the demons who are possessing the man know that Jesus is the Son of God. Yes, even the demons who are possessing a man know who Jesus is. People around Jesus cannot understand, but the demons even ask for pitty and not to be hurt by Jesus. They begged Jesus not to leave the country. So what does Jesus do? He send them into a heard of nearby pigs. Jesus even has grace on demons. Wow! So how much more would Jesus have grace on us, humankind?

It is easy to read the Bible and think, “How could these people not have faith? They are in the presence of Jesus!” But how many times have we gone to Jesus after He has blessed us, rescued us, restored us. And we think, “Jesus, I know that you did this before but….” Or even, “Jesus how could you have let this happen?” And we don’t even think that Jesus is big enough to take care of us even after the storms of like have come?

Jesus is so much bigger than anything that we face in life. Nothing is beyond the reach or power of Christ. He calms storms with a utterance of a word, He has grace even on demons and He heals even after we think that death has won. Remember what Jesus has done in your life. And grab hold of that even when you are in the thick of it in life. Jesus can and Jesus will!

Question #1:

  • Reflect back on a time in your life where a situation or set of circumstances left you feeling afraid.
  • In the midst of that circumstance, what did your perspective of God look like?

Question #2:

  • Do you have trouble trusting him with specific fears?
  • If so, which ones and why?

Question #3:

  • What are you doing now to deepen your faith for when the storm in life come?
  • What can you do to remind yourself throughout the day of this truth—that a compassionate loving savior wants to be with you?

Question #4:

  • Do you find it hard to talk about what Jesus has done for you with those around you?
  • In your neighborhood, at work, at church? If so, why?

Takeaway Question:

  • How has your view of Jesus changed so far through this study in the Gospel of Mark?

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