Mark | Part 3

Join us as we continue in our series through The Gospel of John. This week we cover the entire second chapter of Mark and the first few verses of chapter three. At this point Jesus is all in full public ministry. Jesus comes back to Capernaum after being gone for a month or so, and word gets out and everyone in the town comes to see Jesus. The entire city and surounding towns gather asking for healings, miracles, and just to get a glimpse of this vintage testament celebrity.

Then He calls Levi the tax collector to follow Him and become a disciple. This along with eating with Levi’s friends and family continues to anger the Pharisees. Jesus is teaching with authority like people have never seen before in the synagogues, He is healing people, forgiving sins, and ruffling the feathers of the religious leaders. Jesus is also calling people out for the religious self-righteous rules that the spiritual big-wigs have created. These laws given to the Israelite people back in the desert after being freed from Egypt were created to help and guide and direct people to walk in holiness.

The problem is that the religious elite have manipulated, distorted, and hijacked the guiding rules from God to help His people. The Pharisee people have twisted them to control people. To lord over them and rule their everyday life. Jesus was not ok with this. And they are getting more and more angry with Jesus calling them out on their sins. They are losing their power and they are not going to go down without a fight.

The tension continues to grow until at the beginning of chapter 3 we see that the Pharisees join with the evil Herodians to plot to kill Jesus. So watch or listen and then come back and work through these questions guided by Pastors Lauren and Chris.

Question #1:

  • What would you—along with the people in the house—expect from Jesus when the paralytic comes down through a hole in the roof?
  • How do you think you would have reacted to his initial statement?

Question #2:

  • How big of a deal is your sin to you?
  • In what ways does your perspective of your sin reflect God’s view of it? How is it the same? How is it different?

Question #3:

  • Reflect on your own history with Jesus. What does it mean for you to Follow Him?
  • How are you actively turning from sin to follow Him?

Question #4:

  • What sorts of responses do people today have toward Jesus today?
  • How do you deal with the negative ones?

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