Mark | Part 11

Pastors Lauren and Chris wrap up our Gospel of Mark series with part 11 focusing on the final 2 chapters in Mark. In these chapters we see the account of Jesus being taken down from the cross and buried and in the tomb for 3 days. And just when all hope seemed to be lost, both of the Marys go to visit the tomb but Jesus is not there! Jesus has risen from the dead! The Angel in the tomb tells them, Jesus is not here. He is alive! What incredible news!

Here is what I want us to focus on the truth that Jesus defeated the undefeated up to that point. There was nothing that could stop people from dying. Death was 100% permanent and final until Jesus. Our biggest problem, for some biggest fear, the un-controlable, was done away with. Christ died and came back! Really think about that for a moment.

Some of us, just kinda move past that to the account of the Ladies at the tomb, His appearing on the beach cooking breakfast for the disciples, Hie appearance to Thomas who doubted (justifiably so). But take a step back and think about the truth that Jesus was dead (100% confirmed) prepared for burial, placed in the tomb, stone rolled over the entrance, and 3 days later, He wasn’t there, His clothing was, the Stone was moved, He was ALIVE! That is the God that I serve. That is the same God who calls me HIS.

It is the same Jesus who went through all of that for you! For you to have the opportunity to have a relationship with the Heavenly Father. When I begin to have that perspective, to write that into my story, to, as scripture says, live in that same power that raised Christ from the dead, that changes EVERYTHING! If it doesn’t for you, go back and read the book of Mark! It SHOULD change everything!

When we learn of this ultimate act of Love from Jesus, we are not the same. Everyone of us has been given amazing gifts (birthday, anniversary, Christmas, graduation, wedding, promotion, retirement) that were pretty awesome. We were different after receiving them. And that pales in comparison to the gift from Jesus on the cross!

So where do you go from here?. How is your view point in life going to be different because of this study in Mark? Maybe you know right now with my asking those questions. Maybe you don’t and that is alright, but what are you going to do? Take some time this week and sit down and write out some new understandings or change that you know you need to make in your life in light of what you have learned in this series.

Question #1:

  • What does Peter’s story tell you about Christ’s capacity to forgive and restore?
  • Have you ever believed that something you’ve done, thought, or said might be too much for Jesus to forgive?

Question #2:

  • What promises have you seen God keep in your life?
  • How can this story encourage your faith that God has not forgotten you?

Question #3:

  • How do you express your faith on a daily basis?
  • What habits and values do you live out?

Question #4:

  • Jesus openly admitted that following him would not be an easy endeavor.
  • How have you found that to be true?

Takeaway Question:

  • What has been the top thing that you have learned from this study in Mark?
  • How would you answer the question, “Is following Jesus worth it?”

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