Mark | Part 1

Pastors Chris and Lauren kick off our new series on The Gospel of Mark. Taking us on a journey of the life and ministry if Jesus Christ. Mark is one of the four books that begin the New Testament known as “The Gospels.” Mark is apart of a sub-group of the gospels known as the “Synoptic Gospels.” These include Matthew, Mark and Luke. Scholars group them together because of their similar language style, writing and flow of the account of Jesus. Mark is actually the shortest of all of the Gospels but was the first written and completed. Mark is also very similar to the “Gospel of John” because it starts immediately with the baptism of Jesus with John the Baptist at the Jordan River. You will not find any genealogy or even anything about the birth of Jesus.

The focus and purpose of the book of Mark centers around 5 themes: 1 Jesus, the Son of God, 2 Jesus, the Son of Man, 3 Jesus, the Messiah, 4 Jesus, a model of suffering, and 5 Jesus, the Savior of all who believe. It is interesting that Mark’s Gospel was primarily focused at Christian’s who did not come from a Jewish background. That is why you find Mark explaining Jewish customs and translating Aramaic for instance you can see this in Chapter 3, 7, and 15.

Part one focuses on Mark 1:1–13 and specifically the baptism of Jesus by his cousin John the Baptist at the Jordan River. Part of this series we will be using the teaching from Francis Chan who takes us on the adventure on-site in Israel with the entire book of Mark. Another part of this series is walking through discussion questions. So watch or listen and then come back and work through these questions guided by Pastors Lauren and Chris.

Question #1:

  • Why do you think John felt unworthy to untie Jesus’s sandals?
  • Describe your attitude toward your sin. Does it evoke as strong a reaction as John’s? Why or why not?

Question #2:

  • In what ways has Jesus become too familiar? Do you find yourself taking him for granted? How?

Question #3:

  • Looking back at your life, how have you seen evidence of God using challenging times to prepare you for something he had for you to do in the future?

Question #4:

  • Who is Jesus to you? If you do believe Jesus is God, what kind of savior has he been in your life? How are you living daily with that reality?
  • If you have not decided to trust that He is indeed the Son of God, what is holding you back?

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