Lunch Break Live | Episode: 2

Lunch Break Live 2.0 coming at ya! This is our new and improved formate for lunch break live. Each week we will come with a new episode and talk about the sermon from the previous Sunday, laugh together, be encouraged, hear a good pun or two and have time in prayer. Watch us live on Facebook or Instagram on Thursday at Noon (PST).


The table and meals/food is used throughout Scripture. Jesus often ministered or built relationships around the table. Psalm 23 even talks about how “He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” In today’s Lunch Break Live, we talk about how God has set plans for us, like a host would set a table. He delights in these plans, and invites us to the table. Although God sets the plans, we are given free will to choose if we will follow Him and those plans. He invites us to the table, but we get to choose if we will partake in the meal.

God’s plans are good, but it doesn’t mean life will always be easy. In fact, we are promised that we will have trouble in this world. But we can know that trusting in the Lord and following His plans that He’s set for us is far better than anything we could ever dream up. God sets the plans – He prepares the table – but it doesn’t mean the table will always be full of indulgent or decadent food. Sometimes the table is prepared with nutritious food that is what we need more than what we want. Our Christian life is not meant to be sustained on “fast food” or “drive thru” meals. We need some nutritious foods that will actually get us through our day.

What has Jesus set at your table for today?

We need to be in the Word and praying daily. That’s why it’s called “DAILY bread”, not “weekly bread” or “occasional bread” or “whenever-I-have-a-problem bread.” We need His sustenance every single day. He gives us everything we need and sets the table for us. But we have to decide if we will partake in the meal. God sets the plans for what is best for us – not always what we want, but because He is good and trustworthy, we can know that His plans are good.

Lunch Break Live Podcast Episode