Lunch Break Live | Episode: 1

Lunch Break Live 2.0 coming at ya! This is our new and improved formate for lunch break live. Each week we will come with a new episode and talk about the sermon from the previous Sunday, laugh together, be encouraged, hear a good pun or two and have time in prayer. Watch us live on Facebook or Instagram on Thursday at Noon (PST).


A few weeks ago Pastor Chris taught in our One Word series about, “Breakfast.” When reading in John’s account of the life and ministry of Jesus, John records a specific time after Jesus’ crucifixion when Christ surprised some of the disciples with breakfast on the beach. John 21:12, “Jesus said, ‘Breakfast is ready.’” Other translations record it this way, “Jesus said, ‘Now come and have some breakfast!’”

Something that would have been extremely powerful would have been the memory of a pervious encounter with Jesus and a fire. Peter when Jesus had been arrested was in a courtyard when Jesus was under-judgment and investigation was asked by the bystanders if he knew this Jesus guy. Peter quickly denied even knowing Jesus right then and there. This happened 3 times while Jesus was right near Peter.

Smell is a powerful tool and can unlock memories like nothing else. Can you imagine what would have been going through Peters mind when he walked up to Jesus there by the fire? There is his best friend, his Savior, his Messiah and Jesus was inviting Peter to come and sit and eat. In other words, the smell of the fire must have been almost overwhelming. Here was the guy who Peter completely denied knowing, offering a warm fire and food after his distraught night of fishing.

How redemptive! How incredible that moment of restoration not only for the relationship with Jesus but also for Peter to replace that terrible memory of a smell of a fire. Replacing it with a joyous moment or reconciliation with his Savior!

Where do we need redemption from Jesus today?

This can be from something huge or even small. It doesn’t matter to Jesus. All that matters is that Jesus is sitting right next to you, just waiting to heal, restore, renew, unburden the load that you are carrying. Similarly, Christ wants to take the horrible memories and use them for His glory! Jesus is in the redemption business and loves us more than we could ever imagine. We live in a world where we have to fix ourselves before we can go forward or present ourselves to others. Jesus has already done this on the cross. Therefore, there is nothing that we can do ourselves. It is already taken care of. Christ has paid it all, restored it all, and fixed it all.

So, sit down with Jesus today by the fire. Warm yourself up. Take some food. Eat and become renewed and filled up. Talk, laugh, cry and let the love of Christ come over you today. He is just waiting for you to accept the invitation.

Lunch Break Live Podcast Episode