Life. Money. Legacy. | Part 4

Part Four of our Life. Money. Legacy. series tackles the topic of giving. What does it mean to give? If you have spent any amount of time within the church, the topic of giving and tithe is bound to come up. And from an early age, we are taught that when we give money away, we are left with less than when we started. I would challenge you that this is not the truth.

To explain, we have to shift our focus. A change from thinking that the money that we have is ours to begin with. This is not the case. Think of it this way. After paying all our bills, the mortgage, and putting food on the table, you are left with $1,000. This is pretty awesome. You go and put this extra money in the bank. Then comes time when you want to buy something with this $1,000. You go to the bank and the bank explains that they needed the money and spent it. What, what?!?!? You, the bank, spent my money??? You would never trust that bank again.

Shift the titles here. God is the one with the $1,000. He gives us, the bank, the money. And we go and spend that money on “stuff.” Have you and I ever stopped to think how God wants us to spend His money? “My child, I want you to go and spend that extra $1,000 on helping a single mom with here utilities bill.” “Sorry God, I don’t have that money. I spent it on….” “Did you run that past me my child?” “No.”

We are simply the stewards, managers, or asset managers for what is God’s. How are we doing? Would we fire ourself from managing our finances?

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