Life. Money. Legacy. | Part 2

Continuing in our Life. Money. Legacy. series, we hear from the Financial Guru, Dave Ramsey. When reading through the bible, God clearly outlines some ways in which we are to manage the money. The money that He has given to us. That is truly what we are, managers. Think of it this way. If you were the owner of a business and you handled the finances the same way that you handle your personal finances, would you fire yourself? Shouldn’t we manage our money the same way we would want our business CEO to do for our own company?

But where do you get started? You probably fall into one of these categories: you are doing alright, doing horribly, or need some help to fix a few things. Dave Ramsey outlines what is seen in scripture to biblically manage our finances.

When you live on a budget, get out of debt, build quality relationships, save and invest, and give generously we are managing what God has asked us to steward well.

What do you need to do today to get in line with how God has called us to manage His money?

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