Life. Money. Legacy. | Part 1

Pastor Chris starts our new series on Life, Money and Legacy. As we start off a new series on finances and money, apart from your salvation, we The River Church care greatly for your financial wellbeing. We do not want you to live in a place of stress, anxiety, worry, or fear over money.

We know that the Bible is given to us as a manual for life. Every question, situation or decision that needs to be made, the bible speaks into it. It guides each and everyone of us. Some have said that the word Bible stands for, “basic instructions before leaving earth.” The bible speaks directly at finances, money and how we manage and handle all of it. Not just a verse here or there but all throughout the bible as well as Jesus speaks directly about money. And when we follow these instructions and do what God tells us, the funniest thing happens, it works.

When there are those who live according to the Bible on finances and biblical stewardship and God blesses them with wealth. Criticism is thrown their way. And even those who have come from a place of little. They have made the hard choices to live following the guidelines that God gave us on money. Working hard and then finances come their way, there is sometimes judgement. This is what is known as the wealthy vs poor debate.

Looking at scripture there are 3 perspectives or spirits when it comes to wealth and money. The first of which is a spirit of pride. The second is a spirit of poverty and the third is a spirit of gratitude.

Listen and watch along as Pastor Chris breaks down these spirits and how Jesus speaks towards these spirits.

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