Judges | Part 8

Pastor Lauren shares about the life of Sampson. Sampson is one of the more well-known characters in the book of Judges. But he’s pretty much just known for his strength and being deceived by Delilah. 

What’s interesting is we often forget about the character flaws of Sampson. The man struggled to keep his vow to God. Sampson specifically took the Nazarite Vow. This included many things like no drinking alcohol, no touching dead animals, and no cutting his hair. But he really STRUGGLED!

He let his pride, strength, and even his own sense of invincibility lead him down some difficult paths. We blame Delilah of tricking Sampson and she absolutely did. But we forget Sampson’s role. The poor decisions he made that even led him to that situation in the first place. 

Sampson often did what HE thought was best – rather than seeking God’s best for his life. He made many, seemingly insignificant, poor decisions that led him down a slippery slope. 

It’s easy to point the finger at Sampson or the Israelites and wonder how they could make all of these decisions and turn from God. What if we pointed that finger back at ourselves and really took a good look in the mirror? What are those seemingly insignificant decisions we make that could be leading us down the wrong path? Are there heart issues do we need to let God deal with in order to get right with Him? 

Here’s the thing with Sampson’s story – God redeemed Him, but there were still consequences. God redeemed Sampson and even gave him his strength back. And Sampson used it for the will and glory of God. But he still had major consequences. He lost his sight, lived as a slave, the Lord left him for a time. And he eventually died while doing God’s will.

But what I want you to hear from his story is that, while we still have consequences to our actions, God is a God of Redemption. He doesn’t leave us in our sin and junk when we are truly repentant. It’s never too late to turn back to God. 

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