Judges | Part 7

Pastor Chris continued in our Judges series with part seven. Warning today is going to be a pretty strange and for some disturbing story. Never thought you would hear that at the beginning of a sermon. Ha! But even in the midst of this crazy section from Judges today there is a very big application for that is very relevant for our lives even today.

Have you ever prayed the prayer, “God if you just do this, then I will do this?” The barter prayer. The businesses transition prayer. I have been there for sure in my life. We are going to hear about the story of a less known character in the book of Judges. Who just like we have at times, made the business prayer with God and gets into some pretty hot water.

The problem with this is when we do this, we have a distorted perspective of God. God is more to us than a business partner. He is more than just a corporate transaction. The hard part with this is that we live in a world of transition. Some of you are in the business world. You own your own companies and small businesses. On the daily you process deals, contracts, and business transactions. And if we are not careful this can translate into our personal relationships and even into our relationship with God.

This section of scripture today from Judges 10-12 shares the story of Jephthah. Who makes this deal with God on his own account, nothing from God. And this is the demise of his relationship with his family, Israel and even his relationship with God.

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