Judges | Part 6

Continuing in our Judges series, we dive deeper into our buddy Gideon. We first met him when he was hiding in a pit trying to secretly thresh some wheat as to not be attacked by the neighboring nations. And in a comical way, he’s given the title of “”Baal-whipper” or “Oh-mighty-warrior” as he is hiding. Pretty funny actually.

But after Gideon accepts the call on his life to allow God to equip him and give him the courage the strength to lead the Israelite nation into battle. He finds great victory over the Midianites. Gideon is cheered and praised for his leadership. He has won over the people and they now once again have a fearless leader. But just like most people, pride beings to set in.

His thoughts shift from “What is God calling me to do” into “What do I want to do?” Self focus starts to set in. Rebellion is one bad beast that if not kept in check, can 100% consume us. JD is going to point-out 5 different signs of self-focus that we can see from Gideon in our next section.

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