Judges | Part 5

Pastor Chris continues in our Judges series with part 5. God continues to show His mighty power and His strength time and time again. This week we read when God tells Gideon, “Hey this Israelite amy is too big.” WHAT?!?! That doesn’t even make sense! No commanders, general, leaders, or military has ever said those words! What is God thinking????

We look at life so many time in how we are lacking, how incificent and “less-than” that we are. But God goes, I use the “less-than” and not-so-seficient. This is where our Faith in God comes into play. There are countless times in my life that God has called me and my family to step out in faith. I know that there are many of you as well who have done the same. And I will tell you this doesn’t get any easier.

The steps of faith just get bigger and bigger! But what I do see is a God that takes these moments in our life and uses them in such powerful ways. Our Christian walk with God is never exempt from steps of faith. And this book of Judges time and time again shows the faith of the “less-than” in situations. And in the end, God is glorified and praised with the “more-than”.

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