Judges | Part 4

Continuing our Judges series, Pastor Lauren shares about the leader Gideon. We first meet him in not the most courageous situation. He in somewhat of a mocking manner is called the strong-Baal-slyer. But he is in a put hiding from the opposition nations tying to sift wheat. Pretty funny as he is so far from being a man of courage or a strong leader. But yet God has some incredible plans for his life and for the Israelite people.

God throughout scripture rarely has called the strongest, the most courageous, the highly talented or the best person for the job. He usually calls the less than adequate or even at times, the lest likely candidate. But one of the incredible characteristics of God is that He doesn’t call the equipped. But rather He equips the called. He is more interested in a willing heart. Over someone who already posses the needed qualifications.

Christ calls all of us to live out a bold brave life for Him. But we don’t have to have it all figured out. We don’t have to already posses what it needed to fulfill the mission He gives us. All we do have to do is with courage step forward and trust that God is going to work it all out. God is the one who will supply each of us with the needed strength, courage, ability, words, endurance, and gumption to live the life we are called.

But do we trust Him to do that in our lives?

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