Judges | Part 1

Jumping into a brand new series walking through the book of Judges. Yes, old-school, Old Testament book of the story of the Israelite people starting at the death of their fearless leader Joshua. Then running up to the point when the 3 big kings, Saul, David and Solomon come on the scene. This is a strange, gory, violent, painful time for the People of God. As we go through this book you still see a cycle of sin, oppression, repentance, divine deliverance, and then peace. Shortly to have the Jewish people fall back into sin and it starts all over again.

During the series we are going to have a weekly reading plan to go through the entire book of Judges. Just 10-15 verses for 5 days at your pace during the week. Simple as that. You can download the Judges Reading Plan PDF right here.

This is going to be a great journey for us. I truly believe that each and every week God has something that He specifically wants to share with you. That might be something inside of us that needs to change, a truth about God Himself, or an encouragement for there you find yourself in life. God wants to speak into your life today.

So as we go through these questions after watching the video series from J.D. Greear, engage with the discussion, talk with a friend, journal your thoughts, come back to them during the week or text us!

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