Higher Calling | Part 1

Pastor Chris starts a new series tackling the question of, What Now? We just celebrating the biggest event and the reason for the church, Easter but what do we do now? The Disciples had the same, “what’s next?” moment after Jesus had been around for 40 days after His resurrection. But then one day as the disciples were together with Jesus, He ascended up into Heaven disappearing in the clouds. The 11 just stood there looking up into the sky. Not knowing what to do next. But thankfully 2 angels appeared and called them out. “What are you doing just looking up into the clouds? Go, you know what to do now.”

Jesus earlier in his 40 days before leaving them had given them what is know throughout the Church as the Great Commission. As we are going we are called to train up others in this new like that Christ. He gave us this in His resurrection. Then to baptize them as a mark for those who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Leader of their life. As well as continuing to instruct them on how to live their life. And last but not least, to know that Jesus is with us every step of that way by the power of the Holy Spirit.

But this wasn’t something just for the Disciples. This is also our Higher Calling in life. We are to instruct and share about Jesus as we Go. We are to be the ones to be baptized to witness to others. As well as continue in our education of the better life Christ has called us into. And we too have the promise of the Holy Spirit and Christ with us day after day after day until the very end of the age.

How will you live our your Higher Calling and are you willing to choose where God leads you?

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