Good to Great | Part 3

Pastor Chris continues our Good to Great series with part 3. The past few weeks of this series we have talked about the greater life that Jesus had called and promised to us. This greater life is only possible by the Holy Spirit that showed up around the Disciples on the Day of Pentecost. But what does this life really look like? We know that it takes faith in Jesus as well as trust that He will do what He has promises. How do you practically live this out? This is seen in 3 main areas: Love, Serve, Grow.

Ephesians 5:13-14 outlines this loving and severing and growing up in Jesus. A large portion of these 3 is lived out in sharing this greater life that we have been given by Jesus Christ on the cross. This week you will hear the story of Jeff Crower and how God grabbed hold of his heart. You will also hear how Jeff lives out this 3-fold greater life.

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