Good to Great | Part 1

Pastor Chris kicks off our new series Good to Great! Jesus Christ in His last few moments in the upper room with His disciples shares many things with them. One of them is explaining the coming on the Advocate or Holy Spirit and the “Greater Things” they will do thought the Spirits leading. God desires for each of use to move from a place of just ok / good to a place of great!

It first starts with trusting that God will do what He said He will do and believing in Him. The words that Jesus uses in the beginning of John chapter 14 is all about trust. Jesus says to the disciples, “You trust God, so also trust me.” Jesus and God are one and the same, along with the Holy Spirit. Each moving and uplifting the other with the same mind and purpose.

God is calling us to a greater life! Holy Life that God calls us to is a greater calling that what we are current living. Jesus words in Matthew chapter 5 calls us to a perfect life. Not in the sense of never messing up or doing everything without flaw. But rather a life that is based in Christ, seeking after Him everyday and not settling for just alright, but striving for a great relationship with our Savior.

How will you remove the hindrances that prevent you from a great relationship with God? What needs to change in your life this week to move in a direction of pursing a great life? Seek the leading of the Holy Spirit as He will show you and reveal how to move into your great life!

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