Easter 2019

Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN!!! Easter is a great celebration of the victory that we share with Christ raising from the dead. He conquered the grave so that we did not have to. But not all understood or had the same perspective as we who celebrate on Easter. It is all about context. The view from below is that all is lost. But the view from above (God’s view) is all is WON! But those who were close to Jesus did not have this perspective for those 3 dark days.

Taking a look at the life of Mary Magdalen, the Disciples and Thomas, we see 3 very real and emotional perspectives to the resurrection story. For Mary when Jesus died on Good Friday she lost her liberator. Jesus’ power freed her from darkness. She lost teacher. Christ’s truth freed her from deception. And she lost her purpose. His life gave her direction. Mary deeply loved Jesus and she was lost in grief on that first Easter morning when she went early to the tomb.

Death can be both terrifying and frustrating because we cannot change it. There is nothing that we can do when our “time has come.” But when Jesus rose from the grave and defeated death we can share in his resurrection. We have a new perspective on life. The Resurrection means HOPE IS POSSIBLE!

The Disciples overcame their fear. The scripture tells us that after Jesus died the were huddled up fearing for their own life. Would they have to face the same death that their Savior had just endured? Fear is a normal emotion in life. But the question is not whether you have fear, but who are you looking to to remove your fear? And in that moment of the Disciples joined together in that house, Jesus shows up in the midst of their fear. Jesus tells them, “Peace be with you!” Christ wants to being peace in the midst of our fear. The resurrection means that COURAGE is available!

But there was 1 disciple who was not present with the rest when Jesus appeared among them. The disciples went to Thomas and said, Jesus is alive, we saw Him. He is not dead. Thomas responds just like any rational human being. He called the disciples crazy and that they are not thinking straight. Then in the midst of Thomas saying that unless he touched Jesus wounds and puts his hand in Christ’s side, he would not believe them. Jesus shows up and even before Thomas can say a word, Jesus tells him to touch and see and believe. Thomas overcame doubt and the resurrection means that FAITH IS RATIONAL!

Jesus knows our grief, our fear and our doubt. God sees us just the way that we truly are, the one that no other person of the face of this planted knows, and still loves and still cares for and still wants to know your doubts, your fears and your grief.

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