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Continuing in our Advent Series, Deck The Halls, Pastor Chris shares on the topic of Peace. Every year we have a wish list for Christmas. We desire to wake up on Christmas morning and run to the tree in hopes of finding that wish list all wrapped up and in our stockings. But there are 2 wish lists. The realistic one that has stuff which has a higher probability of actually happening and then the dream list. The one with the items or item that would blow your mind to find under the tree that morning.

Growing up my dream was to find this giant stocking completely full of stuff waiting for me to unwrap comes Christmas morning. Unfortunately this dream never came true but it paints a great picture of each one of us come this Christmas season. We take and stuff our stocking all full of great things, family time, parties, gifts, wrapping, unwrapping, decorations, travel, you fill in the blank. And these are all good things. The Israelites even did this with rejoicing at their harvests, festivals, celebrating victory. But at the end of the day there was still something missing. The same can be true for us on Christmas as well.

We get to the end of the season and we look back and try and figure out if we had enough at Christmas. We look at others, compare, see others posts on social media, and we usually walk away thinking and that we need more: more parties, more gifts, more, more, more. This was the same with the Jewish people. They still wanted more. More to the point that everyone was going to need a bigger stocking.

But then Jesus comes on to the scene and brings what all of us are missing at Christmas. Christ bring peace. Peace to have in our relationships. Peace to have in our busyness. The kind of peace that makes us complete. Soundness or wholeness that is only found in the Peace that comes from the Prince of Peace.

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