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Wrapping up our Christmas – Advent Season sermon series, Pastor Chris shares about the Love that came at Christmas. We can have 2 responses to when unanticipated or unplanned events happen in our life. Just shrug them off, say they are a “coincidence” or “chance.” Say, “they don’t mean anything.” Or we can look into them, investigate, search further to understand more and attempt to find a “reason why.”

When the Magi or Wisemen was the star in the sky it peaked their interest. They would have known every single star in the sky as it was their job to do so. And when something all of a sudden showed-up, they were interested. And their interest grew eventually to a point where they decided to investigate. To have a first person research and find where this star was and what it meant.

The star announcement was not just meant for the people of Bethlehem, neighboring Jerusalem or even just Israel. It was an announcement for all humankind that that much anticipated Savior, the one who was bringing love to the world, had arrived! And this love, God’s love, is so powerful. So powerful inasmuch as this love and draws us. And it was so great that is brought the Magi thousands of miles.

Christ is drawing you to Him. Are you going to investigate what it is all about? Or are you going to stay on the outside and just shrug off this invitation?

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