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Continuing in our Advent Series, Deck The Halls, Pastor Chris shares on the topic of Joy. But what really is Joy? Just a feel good emotion? No, it’s far more than just simply that. Do you know the difference between Joyfulness and Happiness? Happiness is based upon our happening, our circumstances, and what happens to you. Joy is a choice, its something that you choose and it lasts forever. It truly is eternal verses happiness is temporary. It is used 8 times in the Christmas story as recorded in the Gospels and is central to all of the events that happened around Jesus’ birth.

But how do we be joyful this Christmas? It seems like it can so easily disappear. As stress, anxiety, family, business, rushing around, it just slips out the back door. Looking at the Christmas story, there are examples of how to hold on to it his Christmas.

The first story to look at is the Shepherds. Shepherds were just out in the fields doing their job, the night shift. And then all of a sudden their lives were never the same. They were visited by a massive group of angels praising God and brining them Good News that will cause Great Joy!

A second story is that of the Wise Men, who when they saw the star that was in the sky proclaiming the birth of the Messiah, they were overcome with Joy. These men traveled what some think was about 8 years to meet Jesus. Sometimes joy can come into our life like the shepherds, Suddenly! But sometimes it takes a bit of a journey to find and keep joy in our life.

The third story is that of the Priest Simeon who was the one who dedicated Jesus just days after His birth. God has told Simeon that he would not die before seeing the Messiah. After dedicating what he thought was just another baby, he realized this child was different and was filled with Joy.

How will you find Joy this Christmas? Will you give it away? What will you do not let is slip away?

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