Coffee with Paul the Apostle

If you had a chance, what would you ask the Apostle Paul?

Ever wondered what Paul was thinking when he wrote his letters?

Ever thought about what Paul must have been like or what he was dealing with?

Ever wonder what a specific verse or passage means?

What do you think Paul would say to us?

Are you trying to figure out what the New Testament letters have to do with life in 21st century Sacramento?

A group of guys at the River Church in Sacramento decided we needed to talk about all this and dig deeper into what it means to be a Christian.

Every Sunday morning, we chat about Paul’s life, his writings, and our challenges in living out the Christian faith. We went through Acts and now we’re going through his letters, chapter by chapter. This coming Sunday we’re chatting about Romans 10.

We’re having coffee (and scones, and bagels, and oatmeal, and breakfast sandwiches) with Paul the Apostle. Going through his letters and seeing what they mean for us.

We chat about what Paul’s life and writing says to our life. It’s not a class where there’s a lecturer and listeners. It’s a real conversation, where we open up about our questions, insights, and challenges. We have a basic study guide some of us are using to help get you into the text and spark some conversation, but it’s not required.

Whether you’re new to the Bible or have spent a life with it, you’ll find some good conversation.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed previous weeks or feel like you’re jumping into the middle of a discussion. We’d love to have you join us where we’re at and get to know Paul, the Bible, and our calling as Christians.

We’ll be at Panera Bread in north Natomas (on Del Paso) from about 7am to 8:10am as we chat about all this and more.

Join us as we have coffee with Paul.