Church @ The Park | Part 5

Pastor Chris warps up our Church @ The Park “One Word” series. This week’s word is: SPLASH /splaSH/ verb: to cause liquid to spatter about especially with force; spray, sprinkle, slosh.

One of my favorite places to go in the world is the ocean. In California we have some great places. Coronado Island in San Diego, Santa Cruz just south of San Fransisco, Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angeles or even up the coast near Mendocino is Glass Beach. There is just something beautiful, powerful and breathtaking watching the waves crash against the rocks and sand. I could sit there watching those waves for hours!

I really also enjoy people watching when at the beach. People run and play and jump some trying not to get wet while others (usually children) jump and splash and play in the water with total abandon. They have no care they are getting soaked, only caring that they are having the time of their life. Play and making the water jump and dance and fly. Even getting those around them wet if they like it or not!

Paul in First Thessalonians chapter 3 verse 21 writes, “May the Master pour on the love so it fills your lives and splashes over on everyone around you.” Paul here is literally telling you to go and splash people. Not with water but with the love of Jesus! Christ’s love pours on us like a waterfall. Graceful yet powerful, breathtaking, and refreshing all at the same time. He continually fills each and everyone of us to overflowing so that we can love others with this tangible, thoughtful and grace-filled love.

But in order to splash, we first have to get into the water and move around in it. You cannot try and splash someone with water, without you first getting wet. We have to let Him (God) love us so we can share this love with others. And we all are splashing something on others every single day

The question is, what are you splashing? Because each of us are consumed with something, we all have something that we are preoccupied with. We all are thinking about something and passionate about something. But what is leaking from your life on to others around you? Work? Hobbies? Political Views? Weekend Activities? House/Posessions? Tech that you own? Clothes that you wear? Stocks Portfolio? 401(k)? Bank Account? Sports? Kids Sports? Stress? Anxiety? Worry? Anger? Intentional or not, what are you consuming yourself, or immersing yourself with splashes on to others.

Above all of these things we should be splashing or leaking or sweating Christ on others. Ever eat a heavy garlic meal? Italian? What happened later that day or even the next? Garlic Sweat anyone??? What you consumed turned into your sweat, splashing out of you on to others. I love that thought, you have to get wet or immerse yourself in the water, pool, spa, waves, lake, river, first in order to splash on to others. Otherwise your just flapping your sweaty arms at someone and looking pretty ridiculous

Let’s immerse ourselves in Christ. Let’s talk with God. Read about Him. Pray to Him. Worship Him. And begin to truly experience His overwhelming love for us. Let’s spend time soaking Him in. Letting Him soothe our broken places our hurting parts. Let’s relax in the pool of His grace and creativity. Let’s all jump into his Holy Hot-Tub or the Jesus Jacuzzi, Holy Spirit Spa! Trusting Him to bring goodness and peace into our homes, our work, our school, our relationships. Let’s stand under the downpour of the Father’s endurance and strength when we just don’t feel like loving at all. Only He can saturate us with the amount of love we need for ourselves and others. Always loving God and loving Others with your splash in life!

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