Church @ The Park | Part 3

Continuing our Church @ The Park with this week’s word being “wear.” Pastor Chris continues our 1 word series talking about the things that we wear. We all have our favorites. Our go to t-shirt, that perfectly fitting pair of jeans, our comfy sweats or even our lucky socks! The word “wear” is defined as: verb | to habitually have on one’s body as clothing, decoration, protection; to be dressed in.

Our favorite clothes are all worn and faded and stretched and most importantly soft and fitting just right! Similarly with it being Father’s Day this weekend, I think of the stereotypical tacky gift for Dads, the tie! Or even worse a pair of ugly socks. We have all been there.

Likewise, I have a favorite t-shirt that I have literally worn all of the print off of it. But it is still my go to shirt! It is long, fits just right, is super soft and comfy and it is just simply amazing. Honestly I don’t even care that the print is all gone. It is just the best!

Paul when writing to Church in Colossae and he writes, “Regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garnet, Never be without it.” Paul in Colossians tells the church, regardless of what you wear, put on love. I personally thought it was clean undies. At least that is what my Mother taught me. But Paul sticks to his story and says, put on love! He encourages us, beyond anything and everything that we can put on, wear love!

My first thought when I read this verse was that we should try and look good, dress up, be fancy. I mean, if we are to put on love, it should look good! But the more that I thought about it, the more I realized that love should probably be our “go-to” outfit. Love should be our favorite thing to wear. It should be our most comfortable, most familiar, easiest-to-throw-on thing. Something we want to wear everyday, even when we don’t feel good or loving!

Therefore we don’t have to impress, we just need to love. Love ourselves, our people, our Jesus. Consequently, if love is our “basic, all-purpose garment” we can show…patience, kindness, undestanding, generosity, and so much more. All from an authentic, comfortable stretchy pants place!

We can feel secure enough in the love of Jesus that we can share it all day long! His love is so available, so comforting, so essential. Let’s all live in it!

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