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Pastor Chris shares on our very special Christmas Eve service on the final light of Advent. This is the light of Christ. This season we have talked about the lights of hope, peace, joy, love and now Christ. Jesus truly is the reason for the season. His name is literals in the name, CHRISTmas.

The history of Christmas lights is quite fascinating. It all started back in Germany in the 1600 with candles on Christmas trees in homes. But even before that, candles in the homes of those in Europe and early America indicated that this home was a home of Christ followers. And was a sign for all of those traveling by that you were welcome to come and stay and worship with that family.

But candles on Christmas tress were very dangerous. Usually only lit for a few minuets ever evening during the season of Christmas and then quickly blown out. Families would also have multiple buckets of water on nearby just in case the tree went up in flames. There was even a very large famous fire in New York City that took out multiple blocks of homes.

Along time Thomas Edison and Edward Johnson and they invent the lightbulb in 1880. Just a few years after that they put on the first outdoor light display at their home near a train station. People traveled from all around to see the amazing electric lights around their house. A few years later they handwire the first set of 16 colored bulbs costing around $350 in todays money. Only the rich, retailers and government could afford these lights. Especially with the cost of running them for the holiday season for about $2,000 in todays money.

Popularity of the lights began to grow with them beginning to be mass produced. More and more people buy them because of their safer operation over candles on Christmas trees. President Grover Cleveland in 1895 displayed the first ever electrically lighted Christmas tree in the White House. The popularity continued to grow. Each and every year more and more people purchased them and decorated not only their Christmas trees but also the outside of their homes.

The first set of Christmas lights were created to symbolize the Star that was seen in the sky that first Christmas by both the shepherds and the wisemen. The purpose of the star was to give witness and we read in Matthew chapter 2 it did just that. The wiseman from the East saw the new star in the sky and picked up all their stuff and traveled to investigate.

Throughout the year, not just at Christmas, we have the light of Christ. Those who have accepted Christ into their lives are filled with His light. Jesus as recorded in John 8:12 says, “Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.'” We as Christ followers are filled with the light of Christ and no longer have to walk in darkness. But the question this Christmas season is are we shining bright that light for all those around us to see? Are we as the star on that first Christmas giving witness to the Savior that has come to save the world?

How can you shine brighter the light of Christ in your life this December? Shine brighter the light of Christ. Stop blocking it with all the stuff that is crowing Him out in your life today.

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