Asking For A Friend | Part 1

Pastor Chris kicks off our new series, “Asking For A Friend” where we will take on your questions that you have about culture, life, society, and what the Bible has to say about it. All of the questions you want to know but don’t want to ask!

In part one, Pastor Chris talks about the Coronavirus, Politics and Homelessness. Does God even care about these topics? Are there scriptures that directly address them? What should we as Christians do? How should the Church respond?

After breaking down these topics Pastor Chris shares three questions. 1. Do we believe and trust that God is ultimately in control? 2. Where is your identity? 3. How is God calling you to live generously with your finances & resources?

Ultimately it’s about trusting in Christ no matter the circumstances, keeping our identity in Jesus, and living a radically generous life.

Listen in to get all of your questions answered!

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