Ash Sunday 2019

For thousands of years, the Church calendar has been a tool which helps shape, form and guide the church throughout the year. Different examples of this is Advent, Epiphany, Pentecost or Lent. This season of Lent is for preparing and anticipating the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus for us. It begins with Ash Wednesday and runs 40 days until Holy Week on Palm Sunday. Lent is all about orienting out hearts so that we might rejoice all the more on Easter.

Lent and Ash Wednesday help us remember the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness for 40 days. We traditionally walk through these 40 days by fasting and self-denial of something or activity. But we don’t fast for fasting sake but rather taking that time and replacing it with more focused and deeper community with God. Robert Webber says, “The purpose of fasting is to establish, maintain, repair, and transform our relationship with God.”

It is for us to take a moment and pause, to stop the cycle that is our day-in and day-out routine. To take time to give something up and take that time and replace it with purpose and focus on God. This might be a sin that you regularly struggle and wrestle with. Take these 40 days and fast and focus on Christ and His struggle in the wilderness and journey to the cross on Easter. It can be something that itself is not a sin: food, soda, chocolate, coffee, internet, tv, movies, books, video games, social media, excess shopping, or sports. Something inside of me that needs to go on the shelf and in a sense “die” for a season. In order that you and I may find new life, salt, inside of us.

Here is what God wants of me — a spirit that is truly broken of pride and self-sufficiency, and a heart with obedience to His will for my life.
Where do you need to…
– Establish your relationship with Christ maybe in an area that we have kept Christ at arms length?
– Maintain or have a spiritual checkup in your relationship with Jesus?
– Repair an area of your life that needs fixing?
– Transform or deepen your walk with God?

What is something that I need to put on the self during this season of lent and fast so that my relationship with Christ to grow deeper and salt can increase in my life?

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