Advent | Week 4: LOVE

Pastor Chris wraps up our Advent series with part 4 talking about the Love that came that very first Christmas. The love that came in the form of a new born baby child named Jesus. Almost all of the 4 gospels have some sort of birth oof Christ account. However, Matthew is the only Gospel to talk about some unexpected house guests that Jospeh, Mary and Jesus receive.

These house guests were the Magi or Wise Men that has traveled a great length to come and visit. They presented gifts and worship Jesus Christ. The majority of manger scenes or displays and artwork depict the wise men. There that nightly at lowly stable where Mary gave birth. Sometimes it also has a camel or 3 extravagantly dressed men with gifts. This however was not the case. The wise men were not present at the birth. They came sometime later after they traveled somewhere around 2-3,000 miles to Bethlehem.

Matthew chapter 2 record their journey to meet Jesus. And even though the traditional manager scene shows them present, I do like that they are there. They show represent how the love of Christ changes lives. Pastor Chris shares how the love of Christ changed the main characters in this scripture of Matthew chapter 2. These people also represent those in our world today.

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