Advent | Week 2: PEACE

Pastor Chris shares Part 2 of our Advent Series on the PEACE that came that very first Christmas. How incredible was it that it first came to a group of unsuspecting shepherds. Who were just out on their night shift in the fields watching the flock of sheep.

The greatest event in the history of the world has just occurred! The Messiah has been born! For ages the Jews had waited for his. When it finally happened, the announcement didn’t com from the Press Secretary at the Palace. It came through humble, lowly, smelly, uneducated, rough and tumble, blue collar, farm-workin Shepherds!

The Good news about Jesus is that He comes to all types of people, with HIS message of Peace. He comes to the plain, the ordinary, and even the outcasts of society. HE comes to anyone with a heart humble enough to accept Him. In other worlds, whoever you are, whatever you do you can have a relationship with Jesus. Don’t think that you need extraordinary qualification, a certain amount of income, a specific level of education. Or a verification blue check-mark on your social media, celebrity status, or any minimum of achievements.

Therefore, Jesus accepts you just as you are. As you participate from wherever you are right now. As we gather together even digitally online to celebrate the coming of Christ, let’s come looking for HIS good news of peace for you and for all! Pastor Chris shares 5 different things that Peace brings to us in the story of the Shepherds in Luke 2:8-20.

Even though the announcement of Jesus’ birth was first brought to the shepherds, it was ultimately about bringing peace to all! How can you share the peace of Christ this Christmas? Because this peace should cause us to: Be transformed in our ordinary life, be whatever it is He is leading us to be and do. Additionally, be excited about who He is in our lives, witness to as many as possible with the good news of Jesus, and offer our praise to the Lord for coming for us that first Christmas.

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