Advent | Week 1: HOPE

Kicking off our Christmas Series, Pastor Chris shares part 1 on the HOPE of Advent! Merry Christmas TRC Family! It is that favorite time of the year once again. This year is going to look a lot different but we are still going to celebrate the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Christmas brings with it some of my favorite things: the decorations, the colder weather, giving gifts, cooking and the food! One of the best highlights of the season is going and getting the mail. Collecting the array of Christmas Cards and photos from friends and family near and far. With social media seeing photos of people has become a regular routine in our life.

But there is still something special about a friend taking the intentional time to send you a card, sometimes with a family update or just some fun photos. We always take and collect those and hang them up each and every year in our house. Over 2000 years ago Mary received some angelic mail. The divine messenger was delivering an announcement from God Himself. While the message was troubling for Mary, the personal contact from Almighty God would have been a pretty significant highlight!

The angel told Mary she was highly favored and that the Lord was with her. While we likely won’t receive a visit by an angel this Christmas season. That exact same message is still being offered to us today. Christmas came once through the Virgin Mary, but He came for all AND He came as Immanuel God with us!

Luke chapter 1 verses 26 thru 28 accounts the message the Angel Gabriel brought to Mary. We too are remind and encouraged as believers that Jesus is with us. There is no greater comfort for Mary, Joseph or us. Even though we may have trouble and are fearful, we must always remember the reality that Immanuel is born. Truly, the Lord is with us. Lets dive in and take a look at 5 different HOPES that we share in this amazing news of the coming Messiah that first Christmas years ago.

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