Our Vision + Mission

Joining in the movement of Christ led by the Spirit to engage our neighborhoods through loving God and loving others, serving one another, transformational growth, generous impact, and life together in community.


Love God. Love Others.

We must first love God. Then out of His love for us, we are called to love others.

Saved People Serve People

Christ showed us how to serve, and in turn we too serve each other.

Growing People Change

When Christ changes us, we see growth and fruit of that transformation.

Create A Generous Impact

God has called us to use everything that we have been given: our time, our talent, and our treasure, for His glory and to love one another.

Life Together In Community

We are not alone on this journey, and we were created to walk alongside one another by the leading of the Spirit.


God created you. He has a plan and purpose for your life. The world tells us that you don't have value but God deeply cares for you and loves you more than you know.


Joining together in community is a main focus here at TRC. Life wasn't created to go it alone, but rather together alongside one another. Don't journey without community.


God created everything around us including our entire world and all humans. He also loves us more than we can understand and desires to have a relationship with every person.

Our Beliefs


Our Leadership


Chris Snider

Lead Pastor
Chris grew up in Sacramento before moving to the midwest to attend Indiana Wesleyan University. Two years into college, he married his highschool sweetheart, Lauren. After graduating, he worked at a few different churches from Indianapolis to San Diego. God then called them back home to Sactown, and Chris came on staff at The River Church. After 3 years as the Assistant Pastor, God put it on his heart to take over leadership of TRC. In 2017, alongside his wife Lauren and their two children, Adelyn and Elliet, Chris became the Lead Pastor. They are excited to see where God is taking TRC and the continued impact on the community. Loving God and Loving Others is what it is all about!
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Want to worship with us?

Our team would love to know that you are coming to join us. Click the button to text and let us know that you are coming and any assistance that you might need. We would be more than happy to assistant you and or your family in the best way that we are able. Hope to see you soon!