1st Peter | Part 4

Pastor Chris continues with our 1st Peter series moving into chapter 3. After Peter has been talking about living a holy life and loving others deeply from the heart, Peter moves into a section talking about submission. Last week Pastor Patrick talked about submission in a general term. How for the most part, we view submission in a way if it fits our current circumstances. Submission if it is convenient. But Peter is talking about submission even when you know the outcome is not going to be favorable for you. Submission to those in authority over you specifically.

Peter this week takes is a step further and talks about submission in our relationships, specifically in our marriages. Ouch! Wait a minute, I have to submit to my spouse?!?! Yeah right!!! Above all, Peter is talking about a level of submission that shows Christ’s love to your partner. Loving them deeply from the heart and even to the point that if your spouse does not know Christ. They will know Christ because of how you treat and respect them.

We talked about how is looks to love others (spouses and opposite sex relationships) with a level of witness love. Reflecting the love that Jesus gave us on the cross towards those around you. Similarly, if you happen to be married, how loving your spouse mirrors that love. Even when they do not deserve it, just like all of us not deserving the love of Christ. Yet, Jesus, while we were still in sin, gave His life for us.

Questions to wrestle with:

  • MARRIED: What does the way you treat your spouse communicate about your faith to others?
    SINGLE: What does the way you treat the opposite sex around you communicate about your faith?
  • SINGLE: What can you do practically to pursue honorable friendships with those around you of the opposite sex?
    MARRIED: What can you do practically to better love your spouse this week?

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