1st Peter | Part 1

Pastor Chris kicks off a different kind of series going through the book of 1st Peter. This hybrid series of video and huddles (small groups) discussion is not what you might typically find in church today. But our desire is to have more conversations. Conversation with our faith, with our friends, with those around us. Working through and learning from one another by the leading of the Holy Spirit. So let’s try something new and learn together.

This first chapter of the first letter that the Apostle Peter wrote is an interesting one. Written to all of the Christians and Churches scattered around the area of Asia Minor, these churches ranged from house gatherings to larger groups of people. Nothing officially like the Church that we know today. Peter’s letter is hand delivered and read out loud as teaching and encouragement for the gathered groups of believers.

The first chapter of the letter sets the pace for the entire 5 chapters. But let us not forget the letter did not have chapters. Those were added later for quick reference. The first chapter talks about our relationship as Christians with the world. Comparing it to the similar situation the people who would have received this letter. They are foreigners living in a strange land. Not really their home but just a stop along the journey.

Peter also calls on how to live your live while you are in this strange land. No matter where we find ourselves there are 2 primary things for us. The first of which is to “Be Holy, as our Heavenly Father is Holy.” This call or command on our lives never changes even when our surroundings change. The second is to “Love one another deeply, from the heart.”

These 2 primary commands do no change no matter what circumstances we might find ourselves. Under suffering, under oppression, under trials or even during the good times and in blessings, these calling on our lives are always present.

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