What Now?

Happy Sunday after Easter! Now that Christ has risen from the grave and conquered death, what now? Where do we go from here? Pastor Lauren shares with us what life after Easter really looks like. We all can fall into the trap of keeping Easter just one day of the year. This is not what Christ has intended for us. We are to live our lives as if it is Easter everyday! After the Triumphant entry on Palm Sunday, Jesus over looked Jerusalem and weeped over those who would never come to know God’s perfect peace. If we are to truly live in a new life that has been given to us from Christ, how can we let people go without knowing the Savior of the world? Would Jesus weep over your neighborhood for those who don’t know Him? We are Christ’s plan A and there is no plan B. When we shift our mindset to have one of everyday is Easter and to live in the victory, resurrection, new life, hope, love that is Easter, we live in a way that Easter and Jesus is an everyday event! Live in Christ today and live everyday as Easter!

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